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What is it?

Advanced Vehicle Imaging...

...is a unique service we offer dealers, as part of a Flex package, that provides an automated superimposed backdrop to vehicle images of your cars for sale.

AVI is a cost effective solution for dealers who want to present their stock in a more credible way, without the costs associated in hiring a professional photographer.

With 12 different background options available, your lead image can be enhanced so that it appears in the results page more attractively.

We also offer AVI Plus, which gives you the option to select a plain colour background to include your company logo, and this option applies to all the images you upload.

Contact our sales team for a quote for AVI or AVI Plus.


  • Uniform photo standard
  • Allows standout in the results - clearer images easier to visually scan
  • Totem Pole with dealers name/brand can be used with the AVI lead image
  • Number plates can be blanked out/have dealer name inserted automatically
  • Price-boards can be removed automatically
  • Choice of background available
  • Use your own photos!


  • Standout in the results - great interaction, CTR and response
  • No need to move car to get better backdrops
  • Saves time while allowing vehicles to be presented in best possible light
  • Multiple usage guaranteed (once done can be exported to numerous websites)
  • Quick turnaround time - overnight process