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Flex - Fully Responsive Website Platform

Flex responsive websites are developed in-house by our team of technical and design experts. Built on state of the art technology, Flex automatically responds to the device being used, ensuring your website is perfectly rendered by your customers wherever and however they choose to access it.

Your Flex website comes fully search engine optimised and the flexible framework can accommodate a wide variety of designs, from simple sites to bespoke builds - all of which boast a professional finish and eye-catching design.

  • The Benefits

    Flex retains all of your website's features across any device. Maintaining a professional look and feel without the need for users to pinch-and-zoom.

    Flex websites are responsive, loadeding a single website and then optimised to the device that is accessing it, meaning you only need to make changes once. Mobile websites on the other hand offer little to no SEO value as they redirect away from your main website.

    Flex websites can also help to unlock SEO value as the improved experience for mobile and tablet visitors means lower bounce rates and more time spent on-site - both factors considered important by Google when ranking websites.

  • Why Flex?

    Flex websites unlock additional SEO value by helping to deliver the best possible user experience with lower bounce rates and increased on-site engagement.

    They are also built complete with our hassle-free content management system. This allows you to manage and maintain your website's content quickly and easily, without any duplication of work or costly management fees.

    Your Flex site can be customised using a variety of options, and the flexible framework means there is a responsive website for every budget. With Flex, you can reach the right audience for you via the device that suits them.

  • Reasons to buy

    Because 71%1 of the UK population own a smartphone and over half2 own a tablet, having an online presence which is compatible with any device is now imperative.

    53%3 of used car customers use a mobile device for research, and, according to Google, tablet users have a higher-than-average purchasing power.

    As well as this, 80%4 of smartphone users don't leave home without their device and 65% expect the websites they visit via their phone to be as easy to navigate as if they were on a desktop computer.

    With Flex, you can reach the right audience for you via the device that suits them.


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